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https://youtu.be/d5eGGZXb0Is Instructions Begin with a bar loaded on the ground. Approach the bar so that the bar intersects the middle of the feet. The feet should be set very wide, near the …Continue Reading
https://youtu.be/KUsZAGWd0VQ Instructions Hold a kettlebell by the handle. Clean the kettlebell to your shoulder by extending through the legs and hips as you pull the kettlebell towards your …Continue Reading
https://youtu.be/2yjwXTZQDDI Instructions Start by placing a barbell that is about chest high on a squat rack. Once you have selected the weights, grab the barbell using a pronated (palms facin…Continue Reading
https://youtu.be/0RyZHNgCiqQ Instructions Stand erect while holding a barbell with a supinated grip (palms facing up).Bend your knees slightly and bring your torso forward, by bending at the wa…Continue Reading